Welcome to 21st TeachSkills Project


The Teacher training with specialization on life and information technology skills / 21stTS project offers solutions to the multicultural economy of today’s society, where young people’s horizons are not broad enough to operate accordingly. Challenges, such as the rapid technological advancements and new patterns of work have created several demands on education, making the inculcation of 21st century skills a necessity. The project integrates those skills in the teachers’ educational programs for the teachers to be effective in the 21st century.

The project was launched in November 2019 and will be implemented within the next three years.

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Work packages

The project has several work packages that aim to achievement of the proposed actions.

Work Package 1

Needs Analysis (Lead organization: University of Ioannina)

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Work Package 4

Delivery of Educational Programme & Capacity Building Course (Lead Organization: Novel Group Sarl)

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Work Package 2

Curricula & Capacity Building Training Content (Lead Organization: Klaipeda University)

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Work Package 5

Quality Assurance & Monitoring (Lead Organization: University of Ioannina)

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Work Package 7

Management & Coordination (Lead Organization: University of Ioannina)

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Work Package 3

Capacity Building Activities (Lead Organization: Southwest University)

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Work Package 6

Dissemination and Exploitation (Lead Organization: Banasthali University)

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The strategic partnership was set based upon the expertise of eight (8) Universities, and one (1) Consulting and Vocational Training Center. Each partner brings its complementary knowledge related to the project: