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21stteachskills SZPT

Established in 1993, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) is one of the first institutions to provide higher vocational and technical education and training in China. It passed the National Model Higher Vocational College program acceptance inspection in 2009 and became one of the first batch of national demonstration institutions in China’s higher vocational education field. SZPT ranks top in comprehensive strength among similar institutions in China.

SZPT has five campuses, with a total campus area of 2,360,200m2. Currently, SZPT has around 2300 faculty members on the regular payroll, including 1,243 full-time teachers, 217 with senior titles and 657 with sub-senior titles. Many heavyweight teams including the hoffmann Nobel Prize team from the United States were introduced to establish research institutes within SZPT, and the established research institutes are: hoffmann advanced materials research institute, intelligent science and engineering research institute, intelligent manufacturing research institute, new era China vocational education research institute, social and economic development research institute.

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21stteachskills rupp

The Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), founded in 1960, is Cambodia’s oldest and one of the largest public universities. It hosts more than 20,000 students, across a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is unique in Cambodia for offering specialist degrees in various fields within five faculties: Sciences, Engineering, Development Studies, Education, Foreign Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as professional degrees in fields such as Technology, Electronics, Psychology, Social Work, International Business Management and Tourism.

RUPP has full membership of the ASEAN University Network (AUN). RUPP employs over 900 staffs of which about two-third is teaching staff while one-third is supporting staff. Among the teaching staffs, about 12% is holding a Ph.D. degree and about 73% is holding a master degree. RUPP also has 55 foreigners who are teaching and working with different faculties.

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university battambang

The National University of Battambang (NUBB) was founded by SAMDACH KROLA HOM SAR KHENG, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Of Interior, in 2007 with the vision of providing opportunities to students living in rural areas, especially in the north-western part of Cambodia, to have access to higher education services in order to develop their individual careers as well as to that of local communities while also reducing knowledge gaps between the rural and urban.

NUBB works closely with local community, government and non-governmental organization, companies, and consortium universities in the region and the world. It has five faculties, one institute, and one school include: (1) Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism, (2) Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing, (3) Faculty of Sociology and Community Development, (4) Facility of Arts, Humanities, and Education, (5) Science and Technology, (6) Institute of Foreign Languages, and (7) Postgraduate School. UBB has over 2,700 local students who are currently studying in its graduate and post-graduate programs.