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The SOLIS Project was presented in a three-day scientific conference (20-22 November 2022), organized by the University of Ioannina with the participation of a United Nation representative, the local authorities, administrative members from the Institute of the Educational Policy, academics, university students and citizens of Ioannina.





The overall strategy of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” is to find the balance between sustainable regional development and enhancement of cross-border cooperation among local population and regional institutions, in accordance with EU and national policies, in order to address common challenges through joint interventions.

The main theme of the Scientific Conference SOLIS was: "Cross-border cooperation for energy efficiency using solar energy" with emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable development. Within this frame, skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration, civic, health and environmental literacy and media technology skills were developed through the different activities and workshops during the conference.


 Presentations during the conference


Workshops on energy efficiency toolkit




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The University Of Ioannina (UOI) participated with a keynote, two symposia, paper presentations and 4 posters to the 12th Panhellenic Conference on Science in Early Childhood Education which took place on 4, 5 & 6 November 2022 in Florina, Greece

The thematic sections of the conference concerned various domains such as Curricula and Science, Non-formal learning environments for Science, Interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary approaches in Science Education, STE(A)M education and educational robotics, Teacher education, Research in science education, Ideas and precursors of learners’ mental models of scientific concepts and natural phenomena, Design, develop and evaluate teaching/learning activities and sequences, Science and Sustainability etc.

Within this frame, the 21ts teaching skills project was presented offering the opportunity for interaction and discussion about the 21ts teaching skills that can be incorporated in the different disciplines connected with the conference. Furthermore, presentations form UOI connected with STEAM Education, portable learning and augmented reality for education provided examples and practices of the skills of the 21st century for both teachers and students.


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